ProBit Group provide a 365/24/7 support services to its customers. We believe that carefully maintained network is a key factor for preventing crisis's and network downtime. We understand your business landscape and our professional support team will help our customers to keep their network service online. As part of our support service we offer variety of ways to contact us any time of the year and an immediate action-plan execution to handle the reported case. Our vast experience in the telecom support field, lets us take the needed corrective actions in the best efficient, professional and fastest way. ProBit Group commits to serve and support till its customer satisfactory and always stands for its SLA.

‘ProTop’ SLA Service

Probit-Group provide in its SLA service call, escalation procedure, which would ensure the best professional treatment for each and every reported customer call. Probit-Group support group is built from 3 different supportive teams. Probit-Group provides a Tier 2-4 support to its customers.

Our Benefits

Professional experienced group of engineers
24/7 support service "on call"
Handling customer calls Tier 2, 3 & 4
Global support (Tier 2 is local, Europe, US and Africa)
On-Site visiting
Lab service wich simulates our customer networks (Tier 3&4)
Web site service to submit calls
Remote access troubleshooting
Skype chat with engineer who is best familiar with our networks

Ways To Contact Us

On Call Service
Calls Can Be Submitted Using Our Website
Skype Chatting With Our Engineers Anytime
Immediate Troubleshooting, Working On Your Case

Call Processing

Tier 2

"On Call" Team website global team

Tier 3

Remote troubleshooting
Logs collecting

Tier 4

Lab reproduction
Call analysis
Working with the equipment vendor on a fix
Finding work around

Supported Networks

Probit-Group offers its SLA'd support service to:

802.16e Broadband Wireless networks (Mobile & Fixed combinations) operators (all spectrum bands)
802.16d Broadband Wireless networks (TDD & FDD) operators
802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi networks
802.16e Broadband Wireless networks semi/un-licensed frequency operators
Fiber/Optic Broadband Networks