R&D projects

ProBit Delivers a Vendors and Technology, Inter-Operability Services

When dealing with variety of solutions (open source or proprietary) need to verify all required functionality and modules can work together, verifying “white box” protocols allows us to operate a complete solution.

R&D Support Services

Labs establishment., Integration verification team establishment, consultancy of R&D methodology, process implementation, and professional Project Management services.

Technology Choice and Due-Diligence

Help choosing, the right cost effective, cutting-edge technology and vendors for our partners to use, when considering our partners Business case aspects in every step of the way.
Giving you the keys to choose right solution to your business, helping it grows.

Verification & Integration Services, Product Release and Product Delivery Services

Verifying the right way of operation and quality of products releases, planning a meticulous  test strategy that yield the best quality considering the right Time To Market of our partners, with a fit to cost budget. Implementing a full process from Marketing Requirement Document (MRD) to Field Delivery and Mass production with all the building blocks in between.


Professional Services & Field Project Delivery System Integration

Network Manage Service

Networks Design

Learning your network and helping our partners to design and plan a "fit to business" network that will apply all requirements with a cost effective solution that will breed the best ROI.

Network Implementation

Managing field operation and implementation projects to reach the max result at the best time to market launch of our partners, managing a cost effective field engineering to yield the best results.

Network Optimisation

Using our vast experience for our partners network performance, utilising the best of existing network identifying bottle necks and avoiding congestion points expansions and densification, sites/Network auditing.

Pre-Sale Technical Activities

Request For Proposal (RFP)

Delivering a technical guidance with complicated RFP. We have the technological experience to supply best the fit to business solution to our partners: Vendors – in cases that need to respond to an RFP. Customers, (operators, governments etc), preparing RFP fits to their needs.

Execution of Trials and Demos

Building a project (planning, designing, documenting and performing) with a clear entry and exit criteria, setting the right expectation to accomplish a successful field experiment whether it is Demo, Trial or Beta, ATP, FTP and site commissioning.


Out Of the Box Experience Services

Out-of-box experience Service (OOBE) focuses on the initial setup installation experience and the initial use of a product. ProBit offers a first time interaction with the product, evaluating the end customer experience from all aspects. ProBit provides to it's partners the best opportunity to get a real objective point of view, from a dedicated professional team' which adopts a proven methodology to improve product's end customer satisfaction. In OOBE service, ProBit delivers a geniune benchmark to all evaluated products, reaching a best competative analysis and with that leveraging our partners services to new records. In this method we are aiming to gap profit for our partners. A carefully designed and tested out-of-box experience service can greatly reduce product returns and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Why it is so important?
    According to Accenture research, cost of U.S. consumer electronics returns reaches $16.7 Billion a year.Manufacturers spend about 5 – 6 percent of their revenues to manage all aspects of customer returns. Only 5% of those returns are due to defective products.Objective OOBE testing can reduce this number significantly, in addition, good OOBE raises brand prestige. Reference Jay Donovan, Techcrunch, December 2011 “It is a mutual investment with high ROI”. Reference Oracle White Paper February 2008
  • Who should run the OOBE testing?
    To run effective OOBE testing must be impartial, therefore OOBE testing should be done by users that are not familiar with a specific brand equipment, yet, for professional users, experience with similar equipment is a must.
  • Why choose ProBit for OOBE testing?
    We are a group of down-the-Bit Professionals, which served in the Hi-Tech industry for many years. We are well familiar with development processes, embedded equipment and with multi-discipline complex solutions delivering them to the field and end customers for many years, that give us the advantage of experience familiarity with many product types and solution across the Hi-Tech industry and it making ProBit the obvious choice to it partners .