Noy Blum

General Manager

Noy Blum has extensive experience in the telecom industry management and engineering, with a focus on carrier-class telecom systems, transport and access networking and Wireless radio access systems.
Most recently, he served as the VP of global customer delivery and Engineering in Alvarion, leading Alvarion’s worldwide customer support organization to new records in the annual customer satisfaction survey.
Other experience:

  •  Management positions in the testing and professional services in NSN.
  •  Engineering at Pelephone LTD, large Cellular operator.

Noy has B.Sc. degree from the H.I.T College, graduating 4 years of Electronic and Electricity engineering, major in communication and image processing.

Omer Adoni

Integration & product delivery

Omer Adoni is a hands-on networking expert and has extensive experience in the telecom industry leading integration and IOT testing groups most recently in Alvarion Ltd. In the past few years, Omer took a significant role in leading the most cutting-edge technology projects, from the testing hand and managed an end-to-end system lab, which was the Alvarion’s customer visitor center, including dozens of customer-mirrored setups and configurations.
Other experience:

  • Project implementation at customer premises for NESS ltd.

Omer has B.Sc. degree from the H.I.T College, graduating 4 years of Electronic and Electricity engineering.

Oded Harpaz

Support, PFS and Projects

Oded Harpaz has an extensive experience in customer support and project management with a demonstrated complex project execution in the R&D and in field deployments for network operators.
Oded led and established, the Product expert and professional services group in Alvarion in the past 3 years.
Throughout this period, Oded managed a Tier3&4 global team, multi cultural.
Oded is well versed with customer deployments, betas and trials, site commissioning and products launching in live operating networks.
Other experience:

  • Customer project manager at ‘Imagine communications‘– Comcast, Denver US.
  • Integration and support – NSN

Oded has an engineering BSc degree from Afeka College, graduating 4 years of SW engineering and management